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Matt Lauer to Jimmy Fallon: Help us cover the Olympics!


Matt Lauer showed up on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Wednesday to get Jimmy excited for TODAY's Olympic coverage…sporting a face tattoo.


Mike Tyson was also a guest on the show, and Matt explained that he had spoken to a producer and misheard "Mike Tyson's on the show tonight" as "it's Mike Tyson Night," and had rushed out and gotten his face henna'd.

"This will last for six weeks," he frowned. In addition to the "ink," Matt also toted along his Emmy, as Jimmy has just been nominated for a few of his own. He was nice enough to let him hold it, because he's just that generous of a guy.

Jimmy will also be in London for the Olympics, and Matt invited him to come on the show "every morning," but Jimmy politely declined his invitation.

"Why not?" asked Matt, pointing out that they'll actually be filming in the evening because of the time difference.

"Because I'll partying," shrugged Jimmy. USA!

Jenna Bush Hager had been a guest on the show the previous evening, and called him the "older, obnoxious brother" of the show. Matt took the opportunity to "clarify" an incident she related to Jimmy, in which she claimed he purposely scared her into screaming a profanity during a segment. In Matt's version, he said a gentle "boo," and she let go with a mighty F-bomb and told him that "if the secret service had been around, they would have shot your a$$."

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor. She hides her face tattoo under her bangs.

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